The Wii Hits Hard Times : Media Create Sales: 01/26 - 02/01 (Hardware)


The party turns sour for Wii. "Uh-oh!"

Japan - The Wii, just four weeks after completing a year in which every 4th piece of hardware sold was a Wii (23.9% average weekly market share for 2008), is on the ropes with only 23 thousand units sold for the week.

While there are certainly many factors, among them being hardware sales being down across the board, the chief concern must be the declining weekly market share. This week the Wii only took 13.77% out of all hardware sold--down 20% from last year at this time.

Holding steady at 17k is the PS3. With a growing grin, the madame d'hardcore looks for several upcoming releases to fluff her skirts even further. All but leaving the dance is the 360 and PS2, murmuring something about "5k" and "we're big in the states!"

Of course, the star of the party is still the DS, who defies conventional recession logic and has sold yet another 70 thousand units.

Media Create Sales: 01/26 - 02/01 (Hardware)
[DSi] 55,613
[PSP] 44,135
[WII] 23,278
[PS3] 17,405
[DSL] 15,147
[360] 8,107
[PS2] 5,334



Anonymous said...

PS3 almost Surpassed the Wii and its 150 dollars more sweet.

Anonymous said...

Yeah people are starting to buy there second Wii, that's why sales are going to go down. Not everyone in Japan needs two. Funny thing is this guy above me doesn't realize this is Japan sales.

Anonymous said...

No, i know these are Japan Sales why wouldn't i it says it right on the page.

Anonymous said...

The PS3 isn't $150 more than the Wii in Japan.

Also, just wait until games like Monster Hunter and Dragon Quest X come out on Wii. You'll see huge numbers again.

JJS said...

Wii's in a heap of trouble if it takes THAT long for things to pick up again. :)

Now a stupidly picky thing about a silly phrasing in the original post: "madame de 'ardcore". My high school French is very rusty, but one of the things I remember because I thought it was nifty was the way that under certain circumstances words would join together either in spelling or pronunciation. With the silent h I believe this would be such a circumstance, so "madame d'hardcore" with "d'hard" being a single syllable might be the way to go. Certainly funner to say!

Anonymous said...

I'll bet money that the PS3 will out sell the Wii next week thanks to Demon's Soul, which has sold out 80% of it's original shipment according to

Plus with Yakuza 3 hitting later this month, Feb. just might be the start of the PS3's momentum swing in Japan...until Monster Hunter 3 is released, lol.

PL said...

And see this is the reason we can't have nice things! Thanks a lot JJ.

Also, I took espanol and didn't know that rule. I'll fix it now.

JJS said...


Anonymous said...

Media Create Sales: 01/26 - 02/01
HD consoles:25,512
Wii :23,278
The HD consoles have started to sell more than the Wii

1st 5 weeks 2008
Wii - 542,982
PS3 - 217,366
360 - 29,631

1st 5 weeks 2009 (increase/fall from 2008 to 2009)
Wii - 243,589 (down 299,393)(-55.13%)
PS3 - 144,601 (down 72,765 )(-33.47%)
360 - 55,594 (Up 25,963 )(+87.62%)
The Wii is now running less than half what it sold 1st 5 weeks of 2008. Last year, the Wii sold more than twice the PS3 and 360 combined. This year, the HD consoles combined could outsell the Wii for the year.

JJS said...

Most recent anonymous, I get slightly different percentage drops than you through the first 5 weeks, but applying my versions to the full year numbers for 2008, here's an extrapolated 2009. Of course, I don't imagine the reality will end up much like this.

Wii: 1.28 million
PS3: 0.65 million
360: 0.61 million

JJS said...

Just as an example of how dangerous extrapolation from 5 weeks can be, here's what we might have predicted 2008 to be based on how its first 5 weeks compared to 2007. :)

Wii: 3.82 million
PS3: 1.66 million
360: 0.15 million

Anonymous said...

I am not gonna extrapulate from the first 5 weeks of the whole year, but I am gonna bet that the Wii sells a quite a bit less this year than it did last year in Japan. I don't see Wii Sports Resort lifting Wii sales by much. Those who will buy Wii Sports Resorts would have already bought a Wii, and bought Wii Sports.
The PS3 should get a boost in sales from a slew of good PS3 exclussives, and the price cut I expect at some time this year, when the PS3 moves to 45 nm later in the year, and gets a reduction is cost of manufacturing.

My predictions for 2009 would be:

Wii - 1.9 million
PS3 - 1 million
360 - 480,000

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