Konami: 2008 First Quarter Results -- MGS4 Ships 3.94M Copies


Consolidated Financial Results for the First Quarter Ended June 30, 2008
(Millions of Yen, except per share data)

Net Revenues 70,805 (+16.7%)
Operating Income 11,611 (+65.6%)
Net Income 5,664 (+46.6%)

-“Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of The Patriots” shipped over 3 million units worldwide.
-MGS Series had accounted for cumulative sales of more than 25 million units worldwide as of the end of June 2008.
- The METAL GEAR SOLID brand has continued to maintain its dynamic potential. Sales are still steadily increasing

Unit Sales Platform Mix

PS3 57.3 %
PS2 11.5 %
Wii 9.9 %
360 2.6 %

PSP 9.5 %
NDS 7.6 %


Unit sales of video game software (Unit sales breakdown)

Geographic Areas (millions)
Japan 1.93
North America 2.59
Europa 2.3
Asia 0.12
Total 6.94

Genre/Category (millions)
Soccer 0.95
Baseball 0.36
TV Animated 0.3
Music 0.33
Metal Gear 3.94
Other 1.05
Total 6.94

Thanks to Parmenides at NeoGAF for the breakdown.
Read the EDGE article: "Sensational" MGS4 Lifts Konami Q1.



PL said...
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Opiate said...

PL: It's worth noting that the 3.94 Million figure refers to the Metal Gear brand as a whole, not MGS4. According to what you've posted, MGS4 has shipped "over 3 million," which like means 3-3.25 million. The other .6-.7 would come from legacy titles, as we saw a surge in MGS2/MGS3 sales last quarter.

Anonymous said...

No, MGS4 alone has sold more than 4 mil.

JJS said...

Err, Anonymous, you do realize you're responding to something that's 7 months old? There's been a lot of time for MGS4 numbers to creep up between then and now.

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