Konami 2Q Financial Report: Metal Gear Kinda Popular


Provided by Konami:

Konami announced Friday that Metal Gear Solid 4 has now shipped over 4 million units. Other data:

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Get the down & dirty HERE (Konami's Official Release .pdf)



PL said...

Hey check out the similarities of Konami's Unit Mix chart to Ubisoft's Unit Mix chart (and I'm not talking about Chart Get!'s formatting style):


Different platforms, but shockingly similar percentages across the board. I wonder if this is an industry wide strategy of diversification of if we're just looking at a small coincidence?

David Macphail said...

LOL at Xbox 360 with 3%. Why do Konami even bother making games for such a crap console when they know they're not gonna sell?

Also, this puts Konami in the same bracket as Ubisoft and EA, making most of their money from the PS3.

Anonymous said...

anybody else notice the problems with this chart?

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