MC 2009-01-26 and Famitsu 2009-01-19: Things of Note


Based on the latest Famitsu hardware numbers...
PSP comparisons: After 216 weeks, PSP is where PS2 was at 168.9 weeks (May 19, 2003), where DS was at 96.3 weeks (October 3, 2006), and where GBA was at 146.0 weeks (January 4, 2004).

X360 comparisons: After 164 weeks, X360 is where GCN was at 15.8 weeks (December 29, 2001), where PS3 was at 26.8 weeks (May 11, 2007), and where Wii was at 4.6 weeks (December 28, 2006).

PS3 comparisons: After 116 weeks, PS3 is where PS2 was at 31.4 weeks (October 4, 2000), where PSP was at 57.0 weeks (January 8, 2006), where GCN was at 118.6 weeks (December 19, 2003), and where Wii was at 30.4 weeks (June 27, 2007).

Wii comparisons: After 113 weeks, Wii is where GBA was at 93.6 weeks (January 2, 2003), where DS was at 74.9 weeks (May 6, 2006), where PS2 was at 111.0 weeks (April 14, 2002), and where PSP was at 161.5 weeks (January 10, 2008).

DSi comparisons: After 13 weeks, DSi is where GBASP was at 30.0 weeks (September 7, 2003), and where DSL was at 11.6 weeks (May 18, 2006).

Based on the latest Media Create hardware numbers...
DS vs PSP: Weekly shares of 61.6 / 38.4 bring total shares to 68.8 / 31.2. If DS stopped selling and PSP continued at this week's rate, it would catch up in 317.9 weeks (March 8, 2015).

X360 vs PS3: Weekly shares of 31.8 / 68.2 bring total shares to 24.2 / 75.8. If PS3 stopped selling and X360 continued at this week's rate, it would catch up in 232.2 weeks (July 16, 2013).

PS3 vs Wii: Weekly shares of 42.8 / 57.2 bring total shares to 26.4 / 73.6. If Wii stopped selling and PS3 continued at this week's rate, it would catch up in 284.7 weeks (July 19, 2014).

Week over week, portables are slightly up and consoles are pretty flat, with Wii's 3.5K drop being the biggest console change.

Famitsu Software Stuff
Kirby Super Star Ultra (3265) passes 1 million, becoming the second modern Kirby to do so. It still has about 60K to go to pass up Squeak Squad and become the top modern Kirby

Taiko no Tatsujin Wii apparently had some supply issues, but its legs are holding out. Its low was two weeks ago. Last week nearly doubled it. This week nearly tripled it.

It is interesting to note that while Wii hardware sales are floundering, software on the whole remains decent--at least relative to the market as a whole. Going by the Famitsu software pie, this is the seventh week in a row that Wii has accounted for more than 20% of software sales, and the eighth week in a row that it's the #2 software pusher. Of course, DS sits in a near-permanent first place doing double what anything else can individually.


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