Wii Sold 700k Less in 2008 than 2007; PS3 Steadies, 360 Improves


Japan - Another year gone, but the results are the same. The Wii couldn't muster quite enough to match it's 2007 run of 3.7 million systems sold and fell short by seven hundred thousand, a 20% drop.

The PS3, though, almost matched its 2007 results of 1.18 million systems sold and only fell short one hundred and forty thousand systems short, a slightly-less disappointing 12% drop.

Thumbing its nose at the competition (perhaps ironically from way down in last place), the 360 actually gained year-over-year and sold one hundred thousand systems more in 2008 than in 2007, a 40% increase.

Despite the relative changes for each, market share remains a mirror image of 2007's line, with Wii's iron grip around 68%, PS3 resting comfortably at 24%, and the 360 7.64% defying those that would say it is little more than statistical noise.

Questions for consumption:
Look closely at the above linked chart (also included down below) and notice that the market share for each really hasn't changed much at all since November 2007.

  • Does that mean that each system's generation-end results will be the same?
  • Can Nintendo do anything to ruin their lead?
  • Can Sony do anything to make a sizable dent in the next year? Is it too late?
  • Should Microsoft be proud of maintaining almost 8% of the market? Should they even bother next generation, or do you think they're laying in-roads for the future?

Media Create Sales: 12/29 - 01/04 (Consoles)
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Anonymous said...

fuck japan

Anonymous said...

wii rules!

Anonymous said...

who cares if the wii sold 700k less in japan we want world wide comparrisson this info is pretty much useless

Anonymous said...

japan rules.
people with a great taste.
well,that people do playstation 3.
a absolute quality.
but americans do xbox,hahahahahaha.
a sick joke.

JJS said...

Anonymous 3: "who cares if the wii sold 700k less in japan we want world wide comparrisson this info is pretty much useless"

Easier said than done. If there were a worldwide tracker we'd have something to go on, but for now it's a matter of going with what exists.

Anonymous said...

It's obvious Japaneses loves Nintendo. Now if only they will release some solid titles than the Wii will become the new king.

PL said...

JJS: correct.

Anon3: the only way to give worldwide totals is to make significant guesses in unknown territories, something explicitly against our commitment to our readers.

If you'd like, we could add Japan and the US and other known quantities?

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