UK Top 40 - FIFA Does it Again, Left 4 Dead Limps in at 37th


FIFA ’09 remained steadfast at number one on the UK Top-40 chart, with Call of Duty: World at War and Need for Speed: Undercover holding their second and third place positions from the end of 2008.

Wii Fit and Wii Play moved up to the fourth and fifth spots, respectively, following record Christmas sales for the Nintendo console.

UK Top-40, Week Ending January 10, 2009

1. FIFA 09
2. Call of Duty: World at War
3. Need for Speed: Undercover
4. Wii Fit
5. Wii Play
6. Guitar Hero: World Tour
7. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games
8. Quantum of Solace
9. Lego Indiana Jones: Original Adventures

10. Mario Kart Wii
11. Carnival: Funfair Games
12. Far Cry 2
13. Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training
14. Fallout 3
15. Gears of War 2
16. Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
17. 100 Classic Book Collection
18. Lego Batman: The Videogame
19. Sonic Unleashed

20. Prince of Persia
21. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
22. Wall-E
23. Mirror’s Edge
24. Pro Evolution Soccer 2009
25. Shaun White Snowboarding
26. Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party
27. Tomb Raider: Underworld
28. More Brain Training from Dr. Kawashima
29. LittleBigPlanet

30. Football Manager 2009
31. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09
32. Kung Fu Panda
33. Grand Theft Auto IV
34. New Super Mario Bros.
35. WWE Smackdown vs. RAW 2009
36. Mario Kart DS
37. Left 4 Dead
38. Big Beach Sports
39. Midnight Club: Los Angeles
40. Saints Row 2



Anonymous said...

Wait, is this L4D's first week on the list or is it reappearing on the list?

MJL said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MJL said...

After looking through the chart archives, Left 4 Dead debuted in the UK at number 15, then fell to number 34 the following week, then fell off the charts since the week ending November 29, 2008. This is its first reappearance on this chart since then.

chart said...

Great work this week Matt.

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