PS3 and PSP Sales Down; DS Still White Hot


Japan - This time of year is always the biggest for hardware manufacturers, and that continues to hold true for Nintendo. The sizzling-hot DS and Wii brands improve upon week-over-week sales for the 4th and 5th week in a row respectively, with the DS weighing in at 139k and the Wii landing at 57k for the week. Nintendo took a combined 65.98% of all hardware sales this week.

Sony is struggling to see the same returns, with both the PSP and the PS3 down slightly from the previous week. Clearly a concern for any hardware manufacturer, Sony's PSP is down for the 3rd week in a row in what is supposed to be the busiest time of year. The PS3, a known quantity at this point, is doing its best to keep its head above water and maintain slightly elevated seasonal sales.

DSi 126,700
PSP 54,800
Wii 56,700
PS3 30,300
DSL 12,100
360 10,000
PS2 5,700

Hardware | This Week | Last Week | Last 4 Weeks |    YTD    |    LTD
DS+ | 138,800 | 114,036 | 449,145 | 3,242,226 | 24,415,280
WII | 56,700 | 49,848 | 168,633 | 2,505,163 | 7,121,302
PSP | 54,800 | 55,090 | 209,269 | 3,356,782 | 11,021,859
PS3 | 30,300 | 34,978 | 100,162 | 861,975 | 2,503,651
360 | 10,000 | 11,423 | 44,880 | 284,387 | 792,832
PS2 | 5,700 | 5,628 | 22,030 | 446,721 | 21,373,761

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What is your problem ass clown I won't be coming back here. The 360 sales are in the toilet and your title hammers SOny. Screw you Chartget.

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Charming comments aside, it looks like my image host is down for a bit(ugh). I'm going to need a better solution for that eventually.

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PL, you may want to use or for image hosting needs.

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