MC 2008-12-01 and Famitsu 2008-11-24: Things of Note


Based on the latest Famitsu hardware numbers...
PSP comparisons: After 208 weeks, PSP is where PS2 was at 155.6 weeks (February 20, 2003), where DS was at 92.4 weeks (September 6, 2006), and where GBA was at 141.3 weeks (December 2, 2003).

X360 comparisons: After 156 weeks, X360 is where GCN was at 15.2 weeks (December 24, 2001), where PS3 was at 20.4 weeks (March 28, 2007), and where Wii was at 4.2 weeks (December 25, 2006).

PS3 comparisons: After 108 weeks, PS3 is where PS2 was at 24.5 weeks (August 16, 2000), where PSP was at 54.8 weeks (December 24, 2005), where GCN was at 111.7 weeks (October 31, 2003), and where Wii was at 26.4 weeks (May 30, 2007).

Wii comparisons: After 105 weeks, Wii is where GBA was at 91.2 weeks (December 16, 2002), where DS was at 71.6 weeks (April 13, 2006), where PS2 was at 101.7 weeks (February 8, 2002), and where PSP was at 157.1 weeks (December 9, 2007).

DSi comparisons: After 5 weeks, DSi is where GBASP was at 6.5 weeks (March 27, 2003), where GBM was at 57.2 weeks (October 16, 2006), and where DSL was at 5.0 weeks (April 2, 2006).

Based on the latest Media Create hardware numbers...
DS vs PSP: Weekly shares of 71.7 / 28.3 bring total shares to 69.0 / 31.0. If DS stopped selling and PSP continued at this week's rate, it would catch up in 245.6 weeks (August 23, 2013).

X360 vs PS3: Weekly shares of 24.8 / 75.2 bring total shares to 24.0 / 76.0. If PS3 stopped selling and X360 continued at this week's rate, it would catch up in 171.4 weeks (March 21, 2012).

PSP vs Wii: At this week's rates, Wii catches PSP in 1,998.5 weeks (March 28, 2047). If PSP stopped selling and Wii continued at this week's rate, it would catch up in 67.7 weeks (March 26, 2010).

PS3 vs Wii: Weekly shares of 34.8 / 65.2 bring total shares to 26.0 / 74.0. If Wii stopped selling and PS3 continued at this week's rate, it would catch up in 152.4 weeks (November 9, 2011).

Week over week it's good to be Nintendo and bad to be HD, but really DS is the only thing with a significant change.

Famitsu Software Stuff
Kirby Super Star Ultra Deluxe (3265) stops its week-doubling streak, but it's still more than 100K above other Kirbys at the same age. This week it has passed up Kirby Air Ride's (1209) LTD.

Animal Crossing City Folk (3281) falls behind Wild World in its second week, but not by much. This week it passes up GCN's Animal Crossing e+'s (1192) LTD.

New software groups:
Professor Layton
The third in the series, "and the Last Time Travel" (3293) has the best opening yet. This one released almost exactly a year since the previous game (2673), so any seasonal bumps or dips might be expected to behave similarly.

Rune Factory
Wii's Rune Factory Frontier (3302) is the series's weakest opening yet by far.

Now that Chrono Trigger is in its second week, let's take a look at how it's performing relative to other major ports/remakes from Square Enix on GBA and DS. In short it's doing far better than any of the Final Fantasy Advance ports, but not as well as any of the DS remakes.


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