In-depth NPD Analysis by Edge's Matt Matthews


Matt Matthew's monthly NPD article (and insider access from the NPD themselves) once again produces one of the best US Game Sales analysis around. Please read the entire article HERE. Great read.

Here are the condensed major points:
1. With the DS and Wii, Nintendo is winning every battle: total hardware, total software, and total revenue.

2. MGS4, for as "big" of a game as it is (and important to the hardcore audience), won't even make the top 10 for software sales this year.

3. Nintendo's 3rd party sales only account for 56% of its software sales, while the 360 and PS3 are at 82% and 83% respectively. [Editors Note: I would point out that this is a dangerous statistic to use without first referencing hardware LTDs]

4. The Audience from PS2 has not collectively migrated to a singular console.

NPD Charts from EDGE:


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