Media Create Sales: 05/04 - 05/10 (Hardware)


DSi - 55,382
PSP - 43,009
Wii - 24,397
PS3 - 18,483
DS Lite - 7,821
PS2 - 5,137
Xbox 360 - 5,068



Sanzee said...

Other Countries?

Dude, I've read all your other articles too. You never list the 360 as ahead of anything. Software or Hardware. Wow. What a difference from VGChartz or NPD. Where do you get your sources from? Damn, read the other charts on this guys website. Wow! Almost every article is about PS3 softwareor Sony-related hardware. Man you need to be fair between all consoles. How disrespectful.

Sanzee said...

Holy cow! This website is as biased as it get. Even the poll is about the PS3. Every chart is about the PS3. On some charts, he doesn't even distinguish between PS3 and 360 software sales but COMBINES them to avoid showing which one sold more! Bro, I'm sorry to dog on you I just haven't seen something like this for along time. That's fine if you like one console over the other, but don't represent yourself as a reliable source for game sales! And post articles and charts that show each consoles gain and losses.

You only post charts that have the PS3 as the leader!

Your website = epic fail in terms of equality.

Sanzee said...


Poll Results: Will PS3's Growth in Japan Lead to Worldwide Gains?

Yes: 99 (60%)
No: 25 (15%)
LOL: 39 (23%)

Dude... what a wide variety of console fanbases.
Enough said. There's no point in ever returning here if you're interested in realistic statistics based on a wide variety of consoles. This website is only for the fans of PlayStation hardware.

Sanzee said...

4 comments later... I should've said more. EPIC FAILURE =


Someone said...

Epic fail is :
PS2 > 360 !!
And that even after the gazillions Microsoft spent in Japan !

Anonymous said...

are y'all idiots? these are media create numbers (hint: that means weekly japanese sales figures). what does this have to do with console bias?

PL said...

I've had people suggest that I was biased to all three consoles. I suspect that is has mostly do with the console of choice of my accusers more than any actual bias on my part.

Truthfully, I don't care who sells more. I care what is most interesting to talk about. The PS3 is very interesting to talk about because of expectations and the Wii is very interesting to talk about because of Nintendo's pursuit of new demographics, and 360 is interesting because limited international appeal.

All of them are flawed and I'm not afraid to say it. Of course, I almost only report the numbers...facts can't be biased.

Thanks for the extended comments. But I would check your own biases before accusing others.


Crawford said...

Lowest Wii weekly sales by far in a Golden week.
Last year's Golden week:
(April 28 - May 4, 2008)

Wii - 71,518
PS3 - 10,177
X360 - 1,725

This year's Golden Week sales:
Wii - 24,397
PS3 - 18,483
Xbox 360 - 5,068

Wii Golden week sales are down 65.88% from last year's golden week sales.
Meanwhile, 360 Golden Week sales nearly tripled from last year's levels, while PS3 sales nearly doubled from last year's levels.

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