Japan: Wii Slides to Lowest Console Market Share in Two Years




Anonymous said...

Eat that, Nintendo!

Crawford said...

Hey, PL, how come you never did any weekly pie-charts for the 10 weeks the PS3 outsold the Wii in Japan, yet you miraclously produced a weekly chart the minute the Wii outsold the PS3 for the first time in 10 weeks then?
Of course there is no Nintendo bias here at all. No bias at all...and there are still no US troops in Baghdad.
Let's see what you do when 360 sales go up next week, and the HD consoles outsell the Wii again, shall we?

Crawford said...

US/Japan April figures, using Famitsu/NPD figures.

Japan April hardware(Famitsu)
PS3 = 108,530
Wii = 67,116
360 = 27,381

US April hardware(NPD)
Wii - 340,000
360 - 175,000
PS3 - 127,000

US+Japan hardware:
Wii - 407,116
PS3 - 235,530
360 - 202,381

HD consoles: 437,911
Wii : 407,116

# 1. The PS3 sold nearly as much in Japan as it did in the US for April.
# 2. For Japan and the US combined, the PS3 oustold the 360 by 33,149 for April.
# 3. The HD consoles combined outsold the Wii by 30,795 for April in the US/Japan combined

LOL said...

lol wii owns all. ps3 only gets to outsell a couple of months japan only

Crawford said...

Mr "LOL", the PS3 will blow the Wii out of the water later this year with the launch of FFXIII and GT5.
Before that, PS3 sales are going to shoot up with the inevitable PS3 price cut which should come in the next few months, as hinted at in Sony's earnings call.
Don't forget the PS3 is selling at 15,000 Yen higher than the Wii right now, and still managed to outsell the Wii for 2 monmths this year already.

PL said...

Last week I was biased for Sony and this week I am biased for Nintendo? Anybody notice a pattern of the comments around here? Seems like I'm biased against whoever looks worst at the moment.

Crawford said...

@ PL. listen, you used to make a weekly CONSOLE chart every week when the Wii was selling more than 50% of all consoles sold, no?
You stopped doing the weekly console charts the moment the Wii fell below 50%, and the PS3 was outselling the Wii.
However, this week, you produced the weekly console chart again for the firs time in 10 weeks.
Because the Wii went above 50% again.
Not that it matters much in the bigger scheme of things. Anyone can look at the weekly figures and see which consoles have the bigger market share figures.
Forget I mentioned it.

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