Media Create Sales: 04/06 - 04/12 (Hardware)


PSP -- 40,886
DSi -- 40,673
PS3 -- 16,701
Wii -- 13,349
Xbox 360 -- 10,134
DS Lite -- 6,869
PS2 -- 4,531



Anonymous said...

wii losing strenght

Anonymous said...

360 gaining strength? wat

m3zoool said...

In the firs IMG DSi reach 40,673 not 47,542 >>> plz fix it & show the world that the Nintendo portable is crap & psp role the handles.

JJS said...

m3zoool: While there's no doubting that psp role the handles, you're missing that the DS number in that image is not just DSi, but the combination of DS Lite and DSi.

Crawford said...

For the Wii to be only outselling the 360 by just 3,000, when the 360 doesn't even have a single game in the software top 50, is nothing less than amazing.
A year ago, we had:
Wii - 46,296
X360 - 1,147

The Wii was outselling the 360 by over 45,000 units this week last year!
This week's Wii sales of 13,349 units, makes the Wii's lowest weekly sales ever.

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