Japan: 360 Takes the Cake, Wii and PS3 Fight for Crumbs


Media Create Sales: 02/16 - 02/22 (HARDWARE)

Does that leave DS and PSP with the icing or what?

DSi - 41,839
PSP - 29,552
Xbox 360 - 25,334
Wii - 16,973
PS3 - 16,149
DS Lite - 9,975
PS2 - 5,029



Crawford said...

#1. The 360 will have its best first quarter ever this year, with a possible 150,000 sold by the end of March
# 2. The 360 is gonna hit a million LTD sales before the end of April.
# 3. This year is gonna be the 360's best year in Japan by some distance, with the 360 having a good chance of selling more than the entire LTD sales of the original XBOX this year alone.
# 4. The HD consoles combined will easily outsell the Wii for February, and probably for March as well.
# 5. The PS3 will outsell the Wii for next week, with the release of Yakuza 3.
# 6. By the end of next week, the HD consoles combined, would have outsold the Wii YTD for 2009(the gap now is barely 6,000).

David Macphail said...

I'm impressed, the Xbox 360 was actually able to outsell the competition WITHOUT a 1,000,000,000 YEN price cut.......i wonder what the drop - off rate'll be next week. :P

What's more interesting however is what's happening to the Wii in Japan......it's selling perfectly well everywhere else still but theese figures can't be very comforting for Nintendo's shareholders.

Crawford said...

@ David Macphail "i wonder what the drop - off rate'll be next week."

Well, the last time the 360 had an over 20,000 week was in September, when it sold 28,188. The week after that, sales were down to 13,777.
Should be higher than that 13,777 next week, beacuse SO4 is a bigger game, plus RE5 is coming the week after that, and the 360 has been selling higher since then, consistently sold above 7,000 per week since September, apart from the week of 2008-10-27, when it sold 6,119.
I'd say the 360 is gonna sell at least 15,000 next week. Probably more.
As for the Wii, I think it's gonna go up next week, but still lose out to the PS3.

David Macphail said...

Famitsu just reported that "Yakuza 3" recorded first - day sales of 232,000. Completely blowing SO4 out of the water......looks like the 360's time in the spotlight is over as quickly as it begun.

Are there any notable games coming out for the Wii next week? Because if not, it may slide down further towards "360 territory". AKA sub - 10,000.

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