Japanese Hardware Market Collapsing (Almost)


Japan - Hardware sales have all but collapsed. One year ago this week, total hardware sales in Japan were right around 250 thousand units. This year: 146 thousand, 42% less than 2008.

Last year this week, the Wii sold 81k, this year, 20k. Last year, the PSP sold 76k, this year, 35k. These two systems alone account for the majority of the lower numbers, as the DS is on par (2008: 60k, 2009:62k), and the 360 actually doubled its sales from 2008 (2008: 4k, 2009: 8k).

It's hard to imagine when sales will recover, as hardware sales typically decline until April (going by the traditional sales-falloff after the New Year), and then hit a little spike around Golden Week...but sales have already dipped far past their yearly lows from 2008. So low, in fact, that they really don't have much further to go down. This could be a very, very hard year for manufacturers.


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Anonymous said...

The Wii is gonna dip below 20,000 for the first time ever next week, and the Wii is already down approx 360,000 so far this year, from last year's first 6 weeks sales. I don't see it ever making up those lost sales the rest of the year.
In the next 2 weeks, both the 360 and the PS3 stand a good chance of outselling the Wii in weekly sales.

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