PS3 Hardware Struggles Despite White Knight Sales (JPN)


(Media Create Hardware: 12/22 - 12/28)

Japan - Sadly, the story remains the same: the PS3 can't crack fifty thousand despite a two hundred thousand-selling title in WKC. The 360, thought earlier this year by many a 360-enthusiast to be "making a real comeback in Japan," weighs in this week with a thud at thirteen thousand.

While Sony's sad PS3 story spirals downward, Nintendo's jubilant march upwards continues this week, with combined DS sales above two hundred and forty thousand. The Wii had a great week too, with one hundred and thirty five thousand consoles sold, almost three times what the PS3 sold.

The redemption for Sony this week comes from the feisty PSP, who refuses to go down against the onslaught of the DS. The PSP hit almost one hundred and twenty thousand and continues to churn out the hits on software.

DSi 188,697
Wii 134,958
PSP 118,765
DS Lite 56,453
PS3 45,989
Xbox 360 13,011
PS2 10,404

Note: This is the hardware data that is released from Media Create a week late due to the Holiday period in Japan. Stay right here for last week's data, which will be the biggest for the entire year!

Full charts coming tonight.



Anonymous said...

these are good numbers for one week of PS3 in Japan are you kidding me man look back at the other numbers PS3 has sold in weeks before

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Well, the DS will be the handheld champion for the fourth straight year. And look at the huge drop for the PSP to where it dropped to third place behind the Wii, the current home console leader.

Thomas O. said...

I think we can't ignore the fact that the PS3 can sale almost 46,000 consoles at $400 EACH(With the World's economy in such bad shape) while the 360 can't even move 13,000 at what, $200? Which is more sad?

Yes, I know..the Japanese could careless about the 360..but with it's recent release of RPGS and all it can move is 13,000 a week with a dirt-cheap price? How sad.

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