Media Create Sales: 01/05 - 01/11 (Hardware)


Japan - A predictably down week after the new year sales-week still resulted in big gains for the DS, with over one hundred thousand sold between the DS Lite and the latest model, the DSi. One week after selling an incredible 230 thousand units, the record breaking system earned 40% of the hardware market yet again.

PSP delivered on its incredible Dissidia and MH2G sales with just over sixty thousand sold, and the PS3 punched in a respectable twenty eight thousand sold. Together, Sony products captured over 35% of the hardware market this week.


DSi 78,201
PSP 60,495
Wii 41,243
PS3 28,144
DS Lite 23,429
Xbox 360 10,554
PS2 6,628

Stay right here for all the latest charts. We'll have a full NPD breakdown as well as Media Create Console and Handheld charts over the next few days. Enjoy!


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