PSP Quickly Losing Ground to Explosive DS Sales


Japan - PSP's best year is rapidly drawing to a close, and with it, hopes of beating the DS in yearly sales for the first time in its life. What appeared to be a PSP resurgence on the back of Monster Hunter has quickly become a last-minute scramble to hold onto its 2008 title of best-selling handheld.

The PSP lead by more than five hundred thousand units in 2008 for four whole months (06/16-09-/01) and by as much as 561.9 thousand units as late as five weeks ago. Since then, the DS has been on an absolute tear and has shrunk the 2008 PSP lead down to two hundred thousand units (198.6k). The DS has been outsold the PSP by three hundred and sixty thousand units since then and could realistically lose the battle for 2008 if trends continue.

In the end, even if the DS does end up outselling the PSP for the fourth year in a row (fifth if you count the launch period), the PSP has made unprecedented gains against the Nintendo juggernaut this year. Sony execs, clearly embattled with the struggling PS3, can definitely hang their hat on that.

A nice feather named "best-selling hardware in 2008" to put in that hat wouldn't hurt, though.

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Anonymous said...

dude your hat analogy at the end was fucking stupid. a feather in your hat? seriously?

Anonymous said...

I thought it made sense.

JJS said...

It's no analogy, just a fairly common phrase for something to be proud of.

David Macphail said...

Am i the only person here who doesn't care for "Yearly" or "Monthly" sales figures? The bigger picture is that the Nintendo DS (Wether it outsells PSP this year or not) has completely wiped the floor with it's (Competition???).

No doubt, the recent boost to DS sales is due to the launch of the DSI, though it had sold more than double the total sales of the PSP BEFORE that...........

Basically, even if the PSP outsold the DS by 5 million units this year, Nintendo would still struggle to see the PSP in their rear - view mirror. With less than a third of the japaneese market share, i don't think Sony have anything to celebrate on that front.

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