Japan: Holiday Console Sales Down 34% From 2007


Japan - This is typically the one time per year that console manufacturers can look forward to significantly increased hardware sales, but 2008's holiday season in Japan has been a disappointment (so far).

Combined, all three have seen a 33.76% drop in sales in similar time periods* from 2008 compared to 2007 holiday seasons.

Sony has seen the biggest drop, selling 200k PS3s in the same time it sold 340k last year, a 40.68% drop. Nintendo has also seen a significant drop in sales, selling 360k Wii systems compared to 576k in 2007, 37.76% less than 2007 totals.

The lone bright spot isn't much of a consolation prize, though. Microsoft has sold 91k units in 2008 compared to 68k in 2007, both numbers considerably lower than its competitors. Still, small victories that show growth in a difficult territory have to be an encouraging sign to Microsoft.

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1. Comparison of "2007 vs 2008 Holiday-Heightened Sales" uses Media Create sales data 10/15/07 -12/10/07 and is a comparison of like weeks to Media Create sales data 10/13/08-12/08/08.

2. By "holiday heightened sales" Chart Get! does not suggest that Japanese people celebrate Christmas, although a growing number are participating. Rather, this time period generally reflects a sharp and extended upswing in sales for all systems and software.



PL said...

Can anybody comment as to whether you prefer the old YOY line charts or if you like these new YOY area-charts better?

JJS said...

The area charts end up covering up past data that's lower. Losing some of the information seems in general a Bad Thing. If you were to do one like that for PSP, we would see almost none of its early 2007.

PL said...

In cases where one year is predominantly lower than another, it gets moved to the front, but I see what you're saying.

Raggy said...

I liked your old charts better, and what happened to your prediction charts?

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