PS3 Sales Stagnate; DS, PSP, 360, and Wii All Going Up


Media Create Sales: 11/17 - 11/24 (Hardware)

Japan - The PS3 and PS2 were the only platforms that didn't receive a significant boost this week as the end-of-year climb finally begins. The DS and PSP platforms are both up nearly 20k units, the 360 almost doubled last week's effort from 8k to 15.5k, and the Wii is up 10k units from the previous week.

Defying the weekly gains for every other platform, the PS3 sold only 17.4k units this week, exactly (for our purposes) what it sold last week. As we look for continued increases in hardware next week, will the PS3 be along for the ride?

DS+ 107,423
PSP 61,226
WII 35,298
PS3 17,436
360 15,474
PS2 5,281



Anonymous said...

PS3 sales stagnate, but sell better than the 360 with a hot game release and a way lower price point. Actually if the PS3 can "stagnate" at an average of 17k, they are in better shape than they have been. :)

Anonymous said...

This article as nothing but flamebait.

As Anon said, x360 has a lower price point and a
big release game, yet it was still beaten by the

I really don't think we need these im desperate
for hits flamebait articles.

Anonymous said...

News just in

Chartget hits stagnate.

Post flamebait to try to improve hit count.

Anonymous said...

PS3 is still doing good. The White Knight Chronicles will takeover in December.

Anonymous said...

Talk about biased reporting. Stop with the editorial garbage and just post FACTS. The 360 is in big trouble in Japan is what I see.

Anonymous said...

No all you sony tardboys. M$ is very happy to almost be even IN JAPAN, and kicking huge sony butt *everywhere* else. Huge hairy fail for sony. suck it!

Anonymous said...

90% who purchased a 360 this week will be purchasing a PS3 next week because they will encounter 3 flashing lights ..

My 360 is used as a doorstop, a PS3 purchase for me next week.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you tards know what 'stagnate' means. It simply means "stay the same." Since they've been right around 18k for 3 weeks in a row, that's stagnating, especially in comparison to everything else.

And major lolz at comparing the PS3 in Japan to the 360. Is this how low we've sunk?

Anonymous said...

Funny how every PS3 shortfall is always spun with a bunch of "considering this and considering that". The fact that you are comparing the PS3 with the 360 in Japan says a lot all by itself.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't a 360 go about the same price as a PSP?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe the xbox is almost running even with the ps3 in Japan. Can you imagine what the odds in Vegas would have been for that?


Anonymous said...

Bababaaa little Sony Sheep.

That's all you do is bababaaa. Bababaaa about RROD, bababaaa about you're beloved PS3, bababaaa about absoultely nothing important!

Sad isn't it???

David Macphail said...

So....the PS3 is one of the few consoles that DOESN'T see a decent rise in sales.......yet the 360 nearly doubled it's sales from last week? HOWEVER the PS3 STILL outsold Microsoft's idiot - machine??? LMFAO!!!

Also to the braindead morons who tried comparing sales of the US and EU regions let me remind you of something, the ONLY reason the 360 is selling more than 2,000 units a week in those continents is due to the recent price drop (Which ALSO took place in no avail). As both Sony and Microsoft have proved in the past price - cuts are a temporary solution, anyone who thinks otherwise has severe mental disorders i'm afraid.

The 360 is the cheapest of all the consoles worldwide and has ALREADY gone back to last place in Japan??? EPIC FAIL, ROFL!!!

My bet is that the 360 resumes standard last place in US/EU starting Jan/Feb 09 and THEN what you morons??? Will they lower the price to ten bucks? LOL!!! They'll HAVE to if they expect anyone to buy a faulty piece of RROD'ing garbage with no games..............

Anonymous said...

LOL @ David Macfail. Dig deep my fanboish friend..dig deep.

JJS said...

Come on, Panther. Stating this week's numbers and how they compare to last week? Could you _be_ more obvious with your biased flamebait?

To be serious for a moment, PS3 staying flat from week to week is probably a matter of the overall upward trend of all consoles and the downward trend of any system after a notable bump canceling each other out.

David Macphail said...

LOL @ Annonymous (Err...the one that replied to me).

Not only did you manage to spell my last name wrong but you also spelled "Fanboyish" wrong too.

I also noticed that you were unable to come up with a decent counter - argument to my VALID point. If the Xbox 360 is the cheapest console in Japan.....yet it sells the least, what does that say about it???

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