Media Create Sales: 09/08 - 09/14 (Handhelds)




Anonymous said...

I liked these piecharts!

But could you add one which would show the actual and whole marketshare by manufacturer?

I mean like this.

Nintendo xx% (Wii & DS)

Sony xx% (PS3, PS2, PSP)

Microsoft xx% (Xbox360)

PL said...

I've thought about that before but it always come down to the same problem, at least in regards to market share: Where should we begin?

Should the PS2 count towards Sony's manufacturing market share? Why should we count the PS2 and not...the GBA? the original XBOX? Because the PS2 is still selling?

I think doing one for weekly sales (as in, things that are still selling) would be appropriate, but doing one for total units sold would absolutely be inappropriate and misleading because the line of demarcation between generations has been so amorphous.

Any one else have any thoughts on this?

JJS said...

I think he just meant weekly anyway. But since you bring that up, there are a couple ways a "long total" could be done that would be interesting, but also quite arbitrary. One could choose an arbitrary start like "Since the launch of DS" or "Since the launch of PS3". Or one could do something like a rolling "in the last 5 years". Each week the new numbers would get added in and the oldest set of numbers from five years ago tossed out.

Since that made me wonder what the last five years actually look like, here it is in line form. Though the label cuts off the last few weeks, since last time I prettified things I only accounted for up to 4 character system names rather than the manufacturers.

Original said...

Yeah, I meant weekly manufacturer charts(or perhaps also YTD chart), not LTD because PS2 would mess up those charts.

Original said...

And of course PS2 is counting towards Sony's market share, because they still make lots of money from PS2 hardware and software. Unlike from PS3's hardware...

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