MC 2008-09-01 and Famitsu 2008-08-25: Things of Note


Sorry this is a few days late. I spent too much time this weekend selling spice across the galaxy.

Based on the latest Famitsu hardware data...
PSP comparisons: After 195 weeks, PSP is where PS2 was at 147.7 weeks (December 26, 2002), where DS was at 88.6 weeks (August 9, 2006), and where GBA was at 124.9 weeks (August 9, 2003).

PS3 comparisons: After 95 weeks, PS3 is where PS2 was at 21.2 weeks (July 24, 2000), where PSP was at 53.1 weeks (December 12, 2005), where GCN was at 100.2 weeks (August 11, 2003), and where Wii was at 23.2 weeks (May 7, 2007).

Wii comparisons: After 92 weeks, Wii is where GBA was at 89.1 weeks (December 1, 20020, where DS was at 69.8 weeks (March 31, 2006), where PS2 was at 97.3 weeks (January 7, 2002), and where PSP was at 152.2 weeks (November 5, 2007).

Based on the latest Media Create hardware data...
DS vs PSP: Weekly shares of 59.9 / 40.1, DS's strongest since December 2007. This brings total shares to 69.4 / 30.6. If DS stopped selling and PSP continued at this week's rate, it would catch up in 378.8 weeks (December 12, 2015).

PS3 vs Wii: Weekly shares of 20.1 / 79.9, bringing total shares to 25.5 / 74.5. If Wii stopped selling and PS3 continued at this week's rate, it would catch up in 531.6 weeks (November 15, 2018).

Week over week, everything is down a little, but X360 plummets (relatively), presumably due to the shortage issues.

Famitsu software stuff
From the numbers given when Fire Emblem returned to the Top 30 (Top 10, even), we can see it dipped to under 4K the week it disappeared.

This week mostly out of stock placed it (3152) back behind the first GBA Fire Emblem (823) in sales from launch.

And now a couple pointless inappropriate software versuses, just because I notice their current totals are similar.

New software group: Silicon Knights.

Twin Snakes (1730) may have done awfully for a Metal Gear game, but compared to Eternal Darkness (888) and Too Human (3168) it looks pretty big.



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