In-depth NPD Analysis by Edge's Matt Matthews: August 2008


Matt Matthew's monthly NPD article (and insider access from the NPD themselves) once again produces one of the best US Game Sales analysis around. Please read the entire article HERE. Great read.

Here are the condensed major points:
1. Madden Sales: Hardcore Market (males 18-32) are without question fully invested in the HD consoles and Madden sales prove that. Or perhaps the 'casual-friendly' changes to the game were completely rejected by any audience that would have been interested?

2. Entry price is key; 360 doing well, PS3 needs to cut their price (but won't), and Nintendo has "the most robust console and handheld sales the industry has ever seen," instead they should actually raise the price to slow shortages! (said in jest).

3. If a picture is worth one thousand words, then Dennis Dyak's antics were only worth 168,000 units sold for Too human. or 168 pictures, assuming words were units sold. or something. I'm not sure this analogy works. I'll get back to you on this one.

4. This is the first month where sales-growth in the game industry may be reflecting larger concerns about the US economy.

New Charts from EDGE:


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