Pachter: Wii May Push 1 Million Per Month


He's a bit late to the party, but his reasoning is sound.

The Wii has been able to outsell Xbox 360 and PS3 combined in recent months in the U.S., but Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter says it could sell even more per month thanks to a slightly stronger dollar.

What do you think? Can the Wii sell more than a million per month for...longer than a month?

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Tron 2.0 said...

Is there enough demand to propel Wii to a million units in the next few months? I'm not so sure.

I could see it happening around the holidays, but with a lack of major releases in the immediate months I would be surprised to see Wii sell a million units until November.

PL said...

That would be my concern as well. Then again, by "major releases," do you mean "games I would like to play?"

Because Wii Music will surely tickle the Parents/Toddlers crowd, Wii Fit is still selling like mad, and with Wii Sports 2 around the corner...

Tron 2.0 said...

I don't doubt that come November the Wii can sell a million units.

But in August, September or October there doesn't seem to be anything that would propel that other than pent up demand. I'm just not sure it exists.

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