DS vs PSP Year by Year (JPN) 1.0


Sometime last week I mentioned possibly doing a chart that graphically depicts the history of the DS vs. PSP battle in Japan (source = Media Create).

I ran into several difficulties while doing this:

1. I wanted to show the main model for each year in a vertical position, like a natural bar chart.

2. The DS phat apparently never closed. Is there an official picture anywhere on the interwebz that shows the DS Phat closed? I can't very well show the DS on its side when it is open, can I?

3. Since I had to go with the open DS, I had to go with the PSP on its side. The problem with this is that it is naturally skinnier than the DS, so even when they are extremely close in numbers for a year, the PSP looks over twice as big (2008). Also, when the DS is doing 200% of what the PSP is doing (2006), it isn't properly conveyed because the systems are very close to real-life proportions.

4. I liked the idea of putting the numbers in the screens, but that limited what I was able to do on the smaller partial years.

1. 2004 and 2008 are both partial years.
2. I fully intend on redoing this chart when better graphics become available. Still, I think the depiction the scale of sales in 06-07 is quite impressive.
3. Any suggestions, ideas, or material for this chart is absolutely welcome. Post a link in the comment section if you find something.



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