Casual Gamers Count Too - and Somebody is Counting Them.


Did you know that Jewel Quest III is currently in the top 3 for most played on casual gaming sites AOL, iWin, MSN, Reflexive Arcade, and Yahoo?

Neither did I. has us covered, I think. It's a bare-bones site that shows the current top casual games world-wide in a chart format. The data provided is in name only, with no methodology other than linking to the sites in question provided.

As the very essence of casual gaming is in its free-to-play roots, tracking "sales" for these would be impossible, which is why I think this site has value.

If each site in question has its own Top 10 list, it may be possible to use this to pinpoint the top casual publishers, casual gaming trends, and how each site queried appeals to different types of gamers.

Perhaps this could be used to produce more charts? I hope so.



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