Investor Relations: EA Reports First Quarter Fiscal Year 2009 Results


Read the whole (exhausting) release HERE. $95 millon loss? YOU BET! Changes coming? A renewed focus and over 40 games in development on worldwide hardware leaders Wii and DS says yes. Read the Joystiq take on the EA Conference Call HERE.

1. Revenue on the 360 dropping each quarter consecutively, including the holiday season: this has to be a huge concern for EA as they seem to have bet on them early, as they already admitted earlier this week.

2. PS2 driving 300 million in revenue in FY08Q3, nearly 2 years into the next generation: this is further evidence that backing the worldwide market leader (independent of graphical quality/hardware ability) drives revenue growth for years after the peak sales ability of said system has passed.

3. PSP and PS3 both doing the best of consoles and handhelds for EA in FY09Q1 is an interesting counterpoint to their renewed commitment to focus on market leaders DS and Wii.

Chart Notes:
1. Scale kept the same for comparative purposes.
2. Source = EA press release/investor relations.



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