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Chart Get! - Your home for video game sales news and data presentation. Here you will find up-to-date sales news, charts, analysis, and discussion of video game hardware and software sales.

1. Our data is real: Chart Get! only uses publicly available data produced by professional outside sources by qualified market research firms, like Media-Create, Famitsu, and the NPD unless otherwise specified. We do not pretend to conduct market research only to pass off others' data as our own. All in-house estimations and extrapolations will be clearly marked.

2. All data and charts are cited: Every chart posted on this site will be cited and sourced with the data's origin unless produced by an outside source which will be credited. Chart Get! will never use other's data and pass it off as original.

3. Opinions and Analyses will be labeled as such: While Chart Get! acknowledges that bias is a natural part of the human experience, it is the objectivity of cold, hard numbers that reveals truth. In that spirit the reader will be explicitly warned when entering the territory of analysis and/or opinion.

External Use:
It is generally ok to use these charts on your own sites. Please track back to this site and post in the comments section of the posted chart when you do so. Alteration of charts is strictly prohibited.

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Sanzee said...

I made some pretty harsh comments on one of your articles... you do post alot of PlayStation articles no doubt, but you really are fair overall. I looked at your older charts and found that out. Sorry for getting upset. You're May 2009 MediaCreate article was the the one... forgive me for acting like a fool. But please start posting more console-specific articles that are for the Xbox and Wii, such as Mario Sales History or Halo Sales history, not just Metal Gear Solid and Resident Evil.

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