Famitsu: Dragon Quest IX sells 2.34 million its first week


According to Famitsu, the new Dragon Quest IX has sold 2,343,440 copies in its first week. This is a new series record, besting the 2,236,881 Dragon Quest VIII sold its first week in 2004. Since Dragon Quest VIII previously held the record for the biggest first week for a title which was available for only two days in the week, Dragon Quest IX is the new champ.

The overall highest number a game has reached in its first week is Final Fantasy VIII with 2,504,044. However, it had four days of availability in its first week, as most games do.

Also of note is that until now, the biggest first week any DS game had was Pokémon Diamond/Pearl's 1,586,360. It also had four days of availability in its first week.


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MJL said...

This is impressive - I remember Gears of War 2 had a similar launch in its opening weekend

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