PSP Loses Further Ground to DS; Now Behind in 2008 Totals


Japan - After putting together its best year ever in 2008, the PSP is now losing the yearly hardware total battle in the eleventh hour.

The PSP outsold the DS almost every week from February until August, but the release of the DSi has the Sony handheld back on its heels. The strong move by PSP came after the release of Monster Hunter 2G, which helped it take back around 5% market share in 2008, from 26.1% to where it sits now at 31.06%.

Now the PSP has been outsold seven weeks in a row and sits just behind the DS in 2008 hardware sales (3,428k vs 3,447k).

As Sony is dealing with tough numbers in nearly every territory, is this another blow to the giant of last-gen? Or should Sony be content that it has any marke share in the hanheld arena? With the release of Dissidia for the PSP next week, we're certainly look at a close finish to 2008, a defining year for the PSP that may just be a little bittersweet in the end.


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