Handheld Market Explodes: DS Sells 500k In 4 Weeks; PSP Sales Up 245%


Media Create Sales: 11/17 - 11/24 (Handhelds)

Japan - Nintendo's newest take on the DS formula is a big hit so far, propelling the platform to nearly half a million in sales in the past 4 weeks, making this the best month for the DS in the past year. The DSi, a DS Lite with a camera, an SD card slot, and several hardware upgrades, launched at 188 thousand its first week, and has been selling another 100 thousand each week since.

The PSP also enjoys a renewed interest since its latest hardware revision, the PSP3000. In the past six weeks the PSP has sold 413 thousand units, a 245% increase from the previous six weeks (169k).

What to watch for
In terms of sales, 2008 has been the closest year so far between the two systems, with little more than 250 thousand separating them with barely more than a month to go in the year.

Observe the YOY chart (last chart in this post) and how the DS has outsold the PSP by more than 10 million units in the past two years, but is just behind this year. Also notice the settling-in of the 70/30 market share relationship, a surprising contrast to the 75/25 spread from the previous year.

Will this shift continue or has the DSi put a plug in the market share drain?

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