Media Create Projections: (10/27-11/2)


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Last Week's Results:

DS 30,000 22,965
PSP 85,000 60,467
WII 29,000 24,292
360 7,500 7,844
PS3 5,000 3,931
TOTAL 156,500 119,499

Results, Analysis & Expectations:

DS: Slid further than expected upon DSi release. I am including the DSi in all further projections. 200k DSi shipped this week. Projection? 95% Sell-through. 193k.

PSP: Slid further than expected for PSP3K's second week. I expect a similar drop next week. 38k.

Wii: Back within 5k units this time. Historically (as in, last year) all consoles start their end-of-year climb this week. In 2007 the Wii jumped from 27k to 37k near the release of Wii Fitness. I expect a similar if not slightly dampened jump this year on the heels of Wii Music. 35k.

360: Within 344 units last week. Of course, that's pretty easy when the 360 has been with in 100 units of itself for the past three weeks. Last year this week the 360 passed the PS3 for the first time. This year, it will be the last time in the past couple months that it will not pass the PS3. 7.8k.

PS3: Within 2k units three weeks running. Not bad, for me. Horrendous for the PS3. This week will see a small bump with some new bundles coming out. Bundlebump? Nah. 18k.

Next Week Projections:
DS: 193,000
PSP: 38,000
Wii: 35,000
360: 7,800
PS3: 18,000



Rock_Man said...

Ok, I'll say
DS 200k
PSP 45k
PS3 35k
Wii 25k
360 8k

PL said...

PS3 @ 35k? This will definitely be an interesting week.

PL said...

Early Famitsu numbers for comparison:
DSi: 171.000
PSP: 50.000
PS3: 36.000
WII: 25.000
DSL: 17.000
PS2: 6.800
360: 6.300

*DS Total = 188.000

Ouch. Slightly overshot DS totals, missed PSP and Wii by 10k, and was off on the PS3 by 50%!
Back to the drawing board.

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