Animal Crossing Passes Wii Music in its First Week (Famitsu)


According to a recently released taste of last week's action in Japan by Famitsu, Nintendo's Animal Crossing: City Folk has crossed the 300k barrier, nearly doubling Wii Music's lifetime sales in only one week.

For games that are a little more inspiring to the hardcore crowd, Chrono Trigger DS and the PSP game Gundam vs. Gundam both sold extremely well at 276k and 240k, respectively.

[WII] Animal Crossing: City Folk - 303,204*
[NDS] Chrono Trigger DS - 276,049
[PSP] Gundam vs Gundam - 240,594

More as it becomes available.

* 300k puts AC:CF in the top 14 titles for the Wii. I'll work up a top-15 or something chart as more data rolls in.

Stay right here for all the latest charts and sales news! We will be updating as more information comes in.

Source: Famitsu



JJS said...

I looked at all the 300+K Wii games' first weeks. Looks like Animal Crossing City Folk has the #3 Wii first week. #1 is SSBB with 816K and #2 is MK Wii with 608K. It barely beats out #4 Dragon Quest Swords, which had a 302K first week.

Speaking of Wii Music, it just recently entered the Wii Top 20. However, I think Animal Crossing may have pushed it back to 21.

PL said...

Good stuff, JJ.

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