Weekly Projections: Japan (10/06-10/12)


It is with both excitement and terror that I unveil Get Chart!'s newest weekly/monthly column. In this column I (and hopefully our other contributors) will combine what we know with what we expect. Our method is to use momentum combined with historical trends and modify it with short term expectations based on near releases.

On top of that, we will keep ourselves accountable by reporting our success. Wish us luck!

Weekly Projections: Japan (10/06-10/12)

Last week:
DS: 42,385
PSP: 26,045
Wii: 25,330
PS2: 8,648
360: 8,271
PS3: 7,232

Average, last 4 weeks:
DS: 56,333
PSP: 27,637
Wii: 27,813
PS2: 8,464
360: 15,382
PS3: 7,929

One year ago, this week:
DS: 78,746
PSP: 59,584
Wii: 20,575
PS2: n/a
360: 6,161
PS3: 12,365

Releases next week*
10/13 - 10/19/2008**

10/16 Away: Shuffle Dungeon
10/16 Culdcept DS
10/16 Galileo
10/16 Nazo Nazo & Quiz Ichi Kotae Jikkon Q Mate!
10/16 Yattaman DS 2

10/16 Daikaijuu Battle: Ultra Coliseum
10/16 Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
10/16 Guitar Hero: Aerosmith on Tour (w/Guitar)
10/16 Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces
10/16 Wii Music

10/16 FaceBreaker
10/16 Guitar Hero: Aerosmith on Tour
10/16 Guitar Hero: Aerosmith on Tour (w/Guitar)

10/16 Destroy All Heroes 2
10/16 Yuusha no Kuse ni Namaikida Or 2

10/16 FaceBreaker

10/16 Arcana Heart (AQ the Best)

DS: 40,500
PSP: 25,500
Wii: 26,000
PS2: 8,500
PS3: 7,000
360: 6,000

DS: A bit higher than last week. Will DSi news keep potential buyers at bay or will Pokemon Platinum's continued success carry the DS to another 2-1 week against the PSP?

Wii: Last week this year was its lowest point ever. Still, the week following this is the release of Wii Music, so sales may rise ever so slightly.

360: Last time this year the 360 was going through its own volatile period of ups and downs. This year, I project that we will see it continue to slide back to its normal position in last.


ed: What do you guys think? Make your predictions in our comments section. Next week I will report how we did and we'll make a game out of this. Fun!


* These releases are for the week following the projected data.
** thanks Captain Smoker @ neogaf



Rock_Man said...

You forgot the Gundam game for PS2.

I'm predicting impact from the financial crisis this (last) week:

DS 35,500
Wii 23,000
PSP 23,000
PS2 8,000
PS3 6,000
Xb360 5,500

Rock_Man said...

Wait... the releases you mention are not for the week we're predicting.

PL said...

Right. They're for the week following the projections. I think of it as a way to measure potential.

Rock_Man said...

I find it rather confusing actually. The sales for this week has not much to do with the releases the week after. If you're already looking at which games are released on 10/16, we should also predict the sales for that week.

PL said...

Yeah, I think we can work on a better format. Do you have the list of this (last) week's releases?

Rock_Man said...


Note that Kidou Senshi Gundam 00: Gundam Meisters is out 10/16, not 10/6.

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