Media Create: 08/25 - 08/31 Software vs. Hardware Shares


Check out these amazing charts produced by our newest member, Rock_Man. Welcome him to the team and notice the complete domination by handhelds in software and hardware in the last chart.

Click to enlarge. Enjoy!

It's good to be back. I will be updating LC with this last week's MC weekly charts, but I will be post-dating them (or is that pre-dating them?) so they will appear in the chronological order in which they should have occurred.

Also, expect Rock_Man to post these in the future.



JJS said...

Rock_Man's images are Good Stuff. Putting filled areas of weekly share along with a line of the changing total share allows one to see the big picture.

The only problem is one of pareidolia. There can sometime seem to be a lot of faces trying to bust out of those trends!

Rock_Man said...

But that problem has more to do with the person looking at the image than the image itself I think. ;)

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