MC 2008-08-04: Things of Note


It looks like this is one of the times Famitsu will combine two weeks into one report, so I have much less to cover today. Not a good reason to completely skip a regular weekly entry, though.

First, you may have noticed a change in the appearance of my graphs. This was more than cosmetic. They now make much better use of space; particularly an issue with a fixed column width. Combined with Panther's recent widening of the columns here at LotusCharts, they should look much nicer than they used to.

DS vs PSP: Weekly shares of 50.8 / 49.2, bringing total shares to 69.6 / 30.4 At this week's rates, PSP catches up to DS in -6,725.0 weeks (September 23, 1879). If DS stopped selling and PSP continued at this week's rate, it would catch up in 222.2 weeks (November 13, 2012).

PS3 vs Wii: Weekly shares of 20.1 / 79.9, bringing total shares to 25.6 / 74.4. If Wii stopped selling and PS3 continued at this week's rate, it would catch up in 444.8 weeks (February 18, 2017).

Also of note: Media Create has Xbox 360 at 24,962 for this week. Incredible jump. X360 has only had two higher weeks: launch in December 2005 (43,970) and the week of Blue Dragon's release in December 2006 (35,343). It's also worth noting that on a direct unit basis rather than percentage, this week's jump over the previous week's was very similar to the jump GameCube had when Tales of Symphonia released. In both cases Tales had about a +20K effect on hardware sales, though in that case it was a jump from 15K to 36K.

Of course, this big X360 bump also put it over PS3. While this happened once before, it was by such a negligible amount you may not have noticed.

Make you squint? Let's zoom in.

This time, though, no zoom is necessary.



PL said...

Great work, JJ.

I particularly like the GC/360 "Tales of..." comparison. Interesting how both titles make such a similar impact on two separate 3rd-place systems.

LP said...

I disagree with PL's comment. GC was second place in Japan.

PL said...

Good point. I should edit that to say "last place systems."

The point and the inference both stand, though.

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