Edge Magazine: June NPD In-Depth


Matt Matthews always does an excellent monthly NPD summary, and this month is no exception. You can find a full breakdown, analysis, and excellent charts HERE.

On Sony:
"In its materials to the press Sony announced $298 million in PlayStation-branded software sales for June 2008, an increase of 52% from June a year ago. While those figures are certainly impressive, software sales across the board increased by over 60%, which means that Sony's share of the software market actually dropped (to 34%, down from 36%). Without the contribution of the Metal Gear Solid 4 launch, that share would have fallen even further, although Sony would still have been able to claim an increase in total dollars."

On Microsoft:
"Clearly the price cuts in August 2007 had an immediate and strong effect on Xbox 360 sales. However, those were permanent price cuts across the board to all models. Microsoft's cut this year is more akin to the price adjustments that Sony instituted a year ago (when it dropped the 60GB model to $500 and introduced an 80GB model at $600). To the potential Microsoft consumer, the Xbox 360 pricing structure will remain the same ($280 - $350 - $450) while the standard Xbox 360 model will have a better perceived value when its hard drive size increases to 60GB."

On Nintendo:
"...For example, it is tempting (and true) to say that Nintendo Wii sales are down for the second straight month, to 133,000 systems per week. However, this would conveniently ignore that even on a down month the Wii is selling faster than the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 combined. Moreover, many in the industry suspect that the weaker U.S. Dollar has led Nintendo to direct shipments of Wii hardware to other regions, such as Europe."

On the Industry:

Read the entire article HERE.


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