November 2008 NPD Results - Wii Sells 2 Million!


Sorry for the delay on this post. Family in town and various other distractions. I wish I had been here earlier to post this amazing story, but this will have to be it for now. I'll post the totals and one small chart and the rest of the charts should be up throughout the weekend. Also, HOLY SHIT at Wii sales!

Playstation 2 206k
Playstation 3 378k
PSP 421k
Xbox 360 836k
Wii 2.04M
DS 1.57M

GEARS OF WAR 2* (360) 1.56 million
CALL OF DUTY: WORLD AT WAR* (360) 1.41 million
LEFT 4 DEAD (360) 410K

Stay right here for all the latest charts. Coming Soon: Full NPD charts and breakdown, Media Create Hardware, Consoles and Handheld charts. All will be out before the weekend is up. Enjoy!



JoshuaJSlone said...
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JoshuaJSlone said...

Wow at Wii hardware. Wow at Wii Music making the top ten this month but not in its launch month. Wow that of all the various Guitar Hero / Rock Bands out there, Wii GH apparently did better than any other by at least 175K. Wow at X360 having two new million sellers.

Anonymous said...

The top 20 is out. No other PS3 titles. I chuckled at Mario Kart DS being on the list after three years of release.

EA wasn't kidding when they said they said weren't happy with Mirror's Edge sales. Very poor November debut.

Anonymous said...

Quite impressive on the Wii sales. Will it break 3 million consoles sold? The Wii sold more units on November than the PS3, PS2, PSP, and Xbox 360 combined. Also, the DS sold more than three times than the PSP in the handheld market. Nintendo is now dominating the home console and handheld marketplace.

JB said...

you mean 3 million in one month?

That would be impressive.

JB said...

*please forgive the missing chart while the server is down*

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